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Selamat datang di blog saya.  Blog ini jadi media sharing buat mahasiswa dan praja serta teman-teman yang fokus pada pendidikan khususnya mutu pendidikan tinggi.  Semoga bermanfaat ……….

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    Many ways can be used to measure local development performance. It can use economic, social, or environmental indicators implemented in each area. This paper analyzes the using of human development indicators to measure local development performance. The result of the measurement is used to improve local development performance through the achievement of Millennium Development Goals and human development indicators. Based on some provinces experience, there are some stages that can be done to improve local development performance, that are (1) indicators choice, (2) data arrangement and analysis, (3) planning and budgeting, (4) implementing, (5) monitoring and evaluating, and (6) improvement. But, in fact, there are some requirements in implementing the stages said above, they are: (1) the availability of uptodate, relevant, and qualified data, (2) strong political goodwill and commitment, (3) local capacity to handle data collecting and analysis, planning and budgetting, and also monitoring and respons, (4) social empowerment and local participation.
    Keywords: human development indicators, improvement, local development Read the rest of this entry »

    Evaluasi Kebijakan Pemberdayaan Nelayan

    Abstract: The objective of this research was to evaluate fishermen’s empowerment policies in Pangandaran District. There were many empowerment policies that have implemented to improve fishermen’s welfare. But in fact, its result has not been felt significantly yet. Qualitative approach and descriptive method were used in this research based on five components, they are: concept, procedure, process, outcome, and benefit. In-depth interview and observation were used to collect qualitative data. Informen taken from fishermen, fish distribution actors, PUSKUD Mina’s aparat, Fishermen Cooperaton aparat, and Fisheries and Marine Services of Ciamis Regency were purposive selected in order to get comprehensive data. Data were analyzed through reduction, display, and conclusion drawing steps. Results of this study show that there are no significantly benefits that can increase fishermen’s welfare in long term. It was necessary to find out well-concepted policy alternatives that can eradicate poverty root in fishermen villages. One of policy alternative that can be tried was government intervention on fish farms. It can be traditionally approach or fishery industry cluster approach. Both of them should consider the ideal future condition and the existing condition of fishermen, in order to get optimal result of empowerment program. Read the rest of this entry »


    The main process of manufacturing supply chain is flow of goods from raw material supplier to finished goods customer. In this flow of goods, transportation is very important with minimized cost as performance indicator. Another phenomenon can be seen that time is less sensitif to product quality, it means that delivery delay doesn’t lead to quality decreased.

    In perishable product supply chain, time is very sensitif to product quality. The delivery delay can cause product value is decreased even zero. So, maximized value is become important performance indicator. To maintain perishable product’s quality is needed technological effort that can decrease the rate of deteriorate. It’s consequencies to rise supply chain cost, so the research question are how related tranportation and packaging technologies to quality and stakeholder’s profit, and then can be tried effective policy intervention to increase supply chain performance. Read the rest of this entry »


    Waste management is a serious problem in big cities. The increase of population can lead to increase the amount and variety of waste. If this condition can’t be handled seriously, it will destroye environment and cause disaster in the long time, like flood and air polution. Waste management can’t be handled fully to society or government only, it is all parties responsibility, that are government, particular, and the whole of society. So, this research had tried to design waste management based on society participation. In order to deliver a good contribution, this research had took a case study on household waste management in Kecamatan Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta. Read the rest of this entry »


    In the future, the existence of the college not only depends on government, but also especially depends on stakeholders’s assessment about its higher education quality. In order to assure its existence, the college has to execute quality assurance of its higher education. Because the stakeholders’s assessment is always been improved, so quality assurance has also to be continuous improvement. The role of a leader in executing quality assurance is very important, especially to make commitment, to change paradigm and mental model, and to organize quality assurance execution. The aim of this paper is to describe leadership style which can be implemented in the college related to quality assurance execution. The leadership style is elaborated based on three processes (formulating, executing, and auditing) in the level of college, faculty and department. The leadership style is analysis result theorytically. Read the rest of this entry »

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  • Pendahuluan

    Melihat judul di atas, mau tidak mau benak kita akan terusik untuk melongok kembali ke dalam kurikulum di IPDN saat ini. Kalau kita cermati, dalam kurikulum tersebut ada beberapa mata kuliah yang diadopsi dari teori lain dan diterapkan dalam bidang pemerintahan, sebut saja Sosiologi Pemerintahan dan Ekologi Pemerintahan. Tentu saja kedua mata kuliah tersebut muncul karena dinilai penting untuk diajarkan di IPDN. Artinya, pemahaman tentang interaksi sosial dalam pemerintahan diperlukan sebagai bekal bagi praja yang nantinya akan berinteraksi dengan masyarakat luas ketika mengaplikasikan ilmunya dalam dunia kerja yang sesungguhnya. Demikian juga pemahaman tentang Ekologi Pemerintahan yang diadopsi dari ilmu lingkungan ke dalam bidang pemerintahan juga dianggap penting untuk diajarkan di IPDN. Secara khusus Ekologi Pemerintahan mempelajari interaksi pemerintahan dengan lingkungannya, yang terdiri atas lingkungan fisik dan non fisik, serta cara pemerintah dalam mengantisipasi perubahan lingkungan. Read the rest of this entry »

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